Every concern has a solution. Or responses.

Every concern has a solution. Or responses.

exactly What can you recommend if one could perhaps maybe not pay the Proposal nor Bankruptcy?

Hi Carman, let’s assume that the problem is you may choose to do nothing that you are not earning very much income then. Regrettably, the debts won’t go away additionally the creditors may continue steadily to phone. Possibly contact our workplace at 310-8888 to talk about your financial predicament and choices available.

will there be a restricted kind bankruptcy which will let me keep my automobile?

Nova Scotia February 15, 2018

Hi Gil, thank you for the inquiry. In many situations, it will be unaffected by a bankruptcy filing if you can afford to continue making payments on a vehicle with a loan. In the event that you possess your automobile outright, there’s also certain exemptions that can use to guard your automobile in a bankruptcy scenario. (más…)