Hookup Etiquette: The Dos & Don’ts Of Getting Down At Dinah

Hookup Etiquette: The Dos & Don’ts Of Getting Down At Dinah

We see you, every one of you adorable baby dykes feverishly packing your board shorts and string bikinis in expectation for your first ever, Dinah Shore week-end. I understand that you’re so goddamn excited you may be virtually bursting during the seams of one’s Dickies simply considering it! We have it. My heart skips a beat whenever we imagine being submerged in the Sapphic girl heaven that’s the renowned Dinah.

Palm woods, hedonistic wilderness energy, lesbians from all over the planet, systems gleaming when you look at the Ca sunlight, epic events, and numerous of available females to possibly connect with? It is very nearly a lot of sexiness to fathom.

Numerous girls, such short amount of time. Therefore numerous parties, just countless evenings to take part in steamy hookups.

But I want you to take a deep breath before you get your Calvin Klein boxer-briefs in a twist. For i will provide you with some much-needed lesbian big sis advice. Guidance during my first Dinah that I wish a seasoned dyke would’ve bestowed on me.

This can be a list that is official of do’s and don’ts with regards to the art of starting up in Palm Springs. You to have the most incredible, mind-blowing Dinah of your life because I want! And you may. You shall. When you follow this very dinah that is specific — an etiquette that’s been in position since lesbians first descended in the Isle of Lesbos.

Do boldly saunter up to a woman you don’t understand with style and swag.

First things first. Now could be maybe not the right time for you to play bashful, honey. You’ll just ever get to see the Dinah 2019 as soon as! And let’s get real: that knows exactly just what the long term will appear to be? At this specific rate within our nation, the following year could look as being similar to the Handmaid’s Tale, which means you’ve actually surely got to take advantage out of all fantastically salacious homosexual moments you’re able to experience. (más…)