Is polyamory from the increase? Using control

Is polyamory from the increase? Using control

From some reports, it contributes to the wider concern of whether some individuals enter polyamorous lifestyles so as to face straight down past harmed from monogamous relationships – especially, lovers resting along with other individuals – or perhaps the concern about that occurring.

Polyamory, for many, might be some sort of «counterphobic» a reaction to this psychological discomfort.

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Whenever strong negative feelings like fear are skilled, they are painful to tolerate, and so the normal peoples impulse is to flee away or prevent the pain sensation.

Many people develop «counterphobic» responses to an emotion that is negative courting a lot more of it as a way of earning it bearable and building mastery over it. Examples will be the individual that turns into a hill climber to conquer a concern with levels, or somebody formerly afraid of sharks becoming a keen deep ocean diver.

Numerous psychologists think the powerful for which a solid negative emotion becomes sexualised follows a comparable procedure. Sexologist John cash defines it in a «opponent-process» theory, in which a painful experience can be compulsively duplicated sufficient times so it becomes enjoyable.

Ms Rennie agrees some polyamorous folks are inspired by an aspire to avoid psychological discomfort of these monogamous pasts.

«Some people and partners are driven by the ‘opponent-process’, for other people it really is a defence process, for others its driven by a desire to have pleasure and openness.

«there may be a part of individuals that choose these kinds of lifestyles to say control over emotions and circumstances that appear from their control.

«As with every things, there was not often one reason why it is possible to pinpoint for behaviours that folks or teams choose.»

She stated for many a polygamous life style may appear safer compared to a monogamous relationship, provided the social and technical pressures on committed monogamous relationships. (más…)